Agile, Waterfall and Everything in Between

I find it pretty interesting that within the past 13 years or so, the number of debates regarding whether Agile development methodologies are better than Waterfall methodologies or not have risen.  I find it even more amusing at how passionately these debates can get!

I’ve visited discussion boards where Developers, QA professionals, Test Engineers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, etc. are practically calling each other names and using profanity to express their severe disagreement against the methodologies Continue reading


Quality As A Culture: Part 2 – Quality Starts In The Boardroom

Below are Dr. William Edwards Deming’s 14 Point or 14 Points of Management.  They focus on the idea that quality starts in the boardroom. These 14 points are meant to be implemented in their entirity –  they do not work individually.  These 14 points do not create the desired benefits if some are implemented and others are not.  When implemented and acted upon by the entire organization these 14 points will lead to increased productivity, higher levels of quality and reduced cost over time. Continue reading

Quality As A Culture – Part 1 Introducing The Series

Quality, is a word that conjures up different images in the minds of people.  “Thinking About Quality”, a book written by two of William Edwards Deming’s proteges, said that quality means different things to different people.  That said, everone knows quality when they see it.  Quality is something that you’ll recognize whether it be quality in the way a restaurant operates to the way a piece of software allows you to do your work.  This is because quality doesn’t only meet your expectations, it tends to exceed it.  It doesn’t have to exceed your expectations by much – just enough to leave you “pleasantly surprised and delighted.”  It is a great feeling when you’ve experienced a service or a product of high quality.

In the area of Software Development, “Quality” is an illussive thing.  Continue reading

A Thought About Toyota

Yes I know this one has nothing to do with software quality.  And I’m sure some of you wonder, “Where’s that post on Data Warehouse testing?”  To the second point.  Plainly, I’ve been busy with the new job and trying to keep up with this blog has been really challenging.  I’ve managed to complete about 75% of the post on data warehouse testing – writing a little every other week on it but then this topic came up and I really had to take a break from the data warehouse testing post to write this one up.  I’ll get that data warehouse post up I promise.

Now for this thing with Toyota.  I just find it simply ridiculous how much press Toyota is getting on its recalls!  Can’t we find better ways to increase the sales of American cars than by pointing out the one of very few major recalls Toyota has had in about 20 years?  I mean, have you searched on the number of recalls GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Toyota has had over the past 10 years?  Have you done that search from January 2010 to now?  I bet Toyota doesn’t lead the pack in the number of total recalls both in the past 10 years much less within the past 3 months of 2010.  I bet you’d find that Toyota comes in dead last in the number of recalls they have had when you compare them to the others.  So why all the news and media hype around Toyota’s first major “Oops” in 20 years?

Aside from trying to boost the sales of American made automobiles Continue reading

QA and Testing Certifications: Are They Necessary?

What You’ll Get Out Of This Post:

  • Get a better understanding of the true purpose of certification
  • Explore some benefits and risks presented by investing time and money getting your team members certified
  • Real world observations – my view from a QA Manager perspective


There are two main groups dominating the QA and Testing Certification landscape here in America. Continue reading

Software Quality Assurance – The Big Confusion

This Post Talks About

  • The roles and responsibilities of a SQA team beyond testing
  • What I’ve observed to be the top 3 causes for confusion on how QA fits into an IT or Software Development Organization
  • The dangers of mistaking Testing Practices for Quality Assurance Practices – A Case Study of the STCL Co.


Throughout my career, I’ve found most people within an IT or Software Development organization are confused about answering the question, what is SQA and what are they responsible for? Just recently, I came from an interview where I met with four different interviewers.  I was interviewing for a position as a QA Director for this company Continue reading


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